The Clarus Networks Group Embarks on a Harmonious Partnership with Bathgate Band for NYBBS Programme

The Clarus Networks Group, in its commitment to community engagement and cultural development, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the Bathgate Band’s participation in the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) programme. This partnership not only underscores The Clarus Networks Group’s dedication to cultural and educational development but also shines a spotlight on the pivotal role of music in nurturing the potential of young individuals.

The NYBBS, known for its dedication to the advancement of youth brass musicianship in Scotland, hosts an annual week-long summer camp at Strathallan School in Perthshire. This camp offers young musicians an extraordinary opportunity to learn from some of the UK’s finest brass musicians, fostering not only their musical talents but also creating a strong sense of community and camaraderie among participants. The programme culminates in a concert that showcases the skills and progress of all involved, celebrating the rich musical heritage of Scotland.

Derek Phillips, Managing Director of The Clarus Networks Group, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are honoured to support the Bathgate Band and its young musicians as they embark on the NYBBS programme. This initiative aligns perfectly with our values of fostering talent and supporting our local communities. We look forward to seeing the incredible impact this opportunity will have on the participants and the broader community.”

Derek Brown, Vice President of the Bathgate Band, shared the significance of this sponsorship: “The generous support from The Clarus Networks Group is a monumental boost for our young musicians. It ensures that financial constraints do not hinder their opportunity to participate in this invaluable learning experience. This sponsorship is a testament to the power of community and corporate partnership in elevating youth development through the arts.”

The Bathgate Band, established in 1842, is one of Scotland’s oldest and most respected brass bands. With a legacy of musical excellence and community involvement, the band has been a cornerstone of cultural life in Scotland. The partnership with The Clarus Networks Group will enhance the band’s ability to support its young members’ musical education and development, ensuring that the tradition of brass band music in Scotland continues to thrive.

By sponsoring the Bathgate Band’s NYBBS programme, The Clarus Networks Group plays a pivotal role in supporting the development of young musicians, contributing to the cultural richness of the community, and preserving the legacy of one of Scotland’s historic musical institutions. This partnership not only highlights the importance of corporate support for the arts but also sets an example for how businesses can contribute to the enrichment of their communities and the development of young talent.

Photo: Derek Phillips photographed with some of the Bathgate Band members attending NYBBS 2024